Are you a Teasoul?

Are you a Teasoul?

Posted by Shauna Poach on 12th Apr 2015

My first cups of tea were experienced as a young child with my Mother, in a lovely pink flowered china cup and saucer. There was a Teacup holder mounted on the wall in the dining room with beautiful china cups and saucers from which we would choose our “cup of the day.” Our choices were driven by our mood, the look and feel of the cups and sometimes how they complimented each other as we sat together drinking from them at the table.

She brewed the tea in a china teapot and poured us each a steaming cup to savor. The tea itself was warm and soothing and drinking it with my Mother evoked gentle, happy conversation, which blossomed into lively discussions about friends, relatives, her work and my school.

I realized later this was much more than a cup of tea. What was it that made these moments so precious? Could it have been the energy of love and caring and support she infused into the pots of tea she created? Was it her tea loving Irish heritage influencing the brew? After all, it was just a tea bag and some boiling water, or was it?

Having tea with Mom was special to me because we were in the moment and present for each other over our cups of tea.

What a beautiful anchor for my tea drinking future!

Little did I know where tea drinking would lead me…

How about you take a moment for yourself and make a delightful, soothing cup of tea for you, right now?


How do you feel preparing, drinking it? Ahhhhhh ….what images, sensations are evoked for you? How do you react/respond to your first sip? Is this a release of the tension from your busy day, or a form of meditation for you, or something else for you?

COMMENT one sentence on your “teasoul experience .” My tea life adventure continues in my next post, feel free to share with others….