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Hello TeaSouls: 

     Some people call me a "Tea Whisperer," and others know it's not just about the tea for me.  Teas for the Soul's specialty is personalizing teas for clients to benefit and delight in their tea experience.

     By  energetically connecting with the recipient and infusing teas with energy for physical, spiritual, emotional and energetic well-being, each person experiences teas in their own unique way.  Exquisite teas bring pleasure and connection to self and soul.

     When you purchase teas for yourself or friends, teas are individually packaged, and  I energetically connect to enhance benefits from my curated teas.    

    Offerings of diverse, delicious teas from around the world are available and created as customized gifts for any occasion.

     Contact me with special requests or individual requests:



In Joy,

Shauna Poach